Impact Family Services has been delivering the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) to parents and family members for over 12 years. We work in Partnership with Cafcass and Relate to deliver the programme across the North East.

What is the SPIP?

The Separated Parents Information Programme (also know as 'SPIP') is designed to help parents, or those who have responsibility for children, to communicate in a way that promotes better understanding and minimises harm.
The SPIP provides an opportunity for adults to consider how they communicate when they are in conflict and the impact that this can have on children. The sessions impart evidenced based information and share resources to enable adults to cultivate more respectful and business like relationships; encouraging them to take steps for themselves to improve their own lives and the lives of their children.

For more information please read Cafcass’ SPIP Factsheet or download Cafcass’ SPIP Handbook that accompanies the programme.

How is SPIP Delivered?

The SPIP is a four hour group programme; other adults will be attending your session (though you will not be in the same programme with adults you are in conflict with). The programme content is delivered to the group by a trained and experienced facilitator.

You do not have to talk about your own personal situation however the facilitator will need to see that you are listening and you will be expected to take part in group work activities (you will be supported to do this).
Prior to Covid-19 we delivered the programme in person to groups of 10-12 parents. Currently the programme is being delivered online with adults taking part in x2 two hour sessions in groups of six.
Sessions are currently available during the day, on an evening or on a Saturday morning.

How to Apply

Parents/ family members may be ordered or directed to attend a SPIP by a Court. If you are ordered to attend this is free and you do not need to do anything. Once we have received your SPIP referral from Cafcass we will contact you quickly to book you onto the programme. If you have any queries about your court ordered SPIP please contact the Cafcass helpline on: 0300 456 4000 and they will assist.

Parents and family members can also self-refer on the programme. For further details, including costs, please read our SPIP leaflet below:
You can book a place on the SPIP programme by completing our referral form below and emailing this back to [email protected]

What Parents Say about the SPIP

August 2020

‘Making a subject that most people are daunted about &
sometimes don’t want to be on enjoyable and incredibly informative, and also
shared experiences that we could relate to.’

‘It was great to hear other peoples opinions and watching the videos made me
realize that the kids to hear and do take things in that you don’t realize and
100% does have an impact on them not only now but in later life to.’

‘It was a good refresher and I found some useful new tools I wish to approach
with the other co parent’

July 2020

‘Didn’t rush…took time to listen to us all. I didn’t feel judged or as if I was wrong
for wanting to be on the course. He presented it clear’

‘Allowed everyone to express their opinion and view and offered support as
well as ways you could change certain things to improve the situation
for your child’

Contact Us

To get in touch with our SPIP team please email [email protected] or call on 07375 788 818 and we will be happy to help.

Other Resources

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