August 2022

"Very informative and understanding to the individual situation,
doesn't take a side when telling your story."

"The course was delivered clearly and well put to make the
adults understand the child's perspective. Very well done."

"Nothing was rushed, and it all felt calm and non judgemental.
I was very worried going into it, but I actually really enjoyed it.
The other participants were all lovely, and I learnt a lot from the other participants."

"Calm, well thought out slides, and delivered effectively and good speed.
Very informative, and all group members were able to express themselves."

"She listened to everything we had to say. It was never a case of
somebody being cut off and moving on. She understood how important
it was for those on the course to feel heard, and used that to link it to aspects of the course."

"Our provider delivered the course very well, she showed lots of empathy
and managed to get everyone to participate with what was a difficult subject."

July 2022

"The session was pitched at just the right level to allow comfort and
people to engage without feeling like they were being patronised
or doing this as a punishment."

"The session provider was very friendly and
approachable. He delivered the sessions quickly
and efficiently. Everyone had the opportunity to engage."

"Such a happy positive energy, helped us to get our feelings altogether
without feeling frustrated."

"Great at letting parents sharing their experiences
and suggestions and also their own. Made everyone feel at ease."

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