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Welcome to the website of Impact Family Services. We are a non-profit organisation that provides services for individuals and families who are facing a difficult time due to separation and/or divorce; domestic violence and abuse; and for children and young people affected by family or peer relationships (including bullying).

The organisation works in partnership with CAFCASS, local family courts, National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC), National Family Mediation (NFM) and Legal Aid Agency to provide a range of services that will make your family separation a less painful experience for all concerned, particularly the children. We also have a team of Independent Social Workers who can be privately commissioned to prepare Assessment Reports for Family Courts and provide supervised contact (see specialist services above).

There is practical advice and information available on all our services which you can access by clicking on the menu above or the links below:

Family Services: First Steps Dispute Resolution Service – Family Mediation – Separated Parent Information Programme – Parent Support  –  Domestic Violence

Child Contact Centres: Supported Child Contact    Supervised Child Contact   Child Contact Centre’s  Costs  Contact Centre Locations