Impact Family Services is a local charity that supports every member of the family to ultimately break the cycle of domestic abuse, relieving mams, dads, children and young people from the lifelong impacts of harmful relationships.

Cover Your Tracks Online

Learn how to cover your tracks online so that you leave no trace of the websites, information and resources you have been looking at on your computer.


Author: Catherine Marchant

Support for Children & Young People of Domestic Abuse

Discover our services and resources to support children & young people who have lived experience of domestic abuse


Author: Catherine Marchant

Support for Adult Victims of Domestic Violence

We offer a range of emotional and practical support to adult victims of domestic abuse who reside in South Tyneside and are over the age of eighteen.


Author: Catherine Marchant

Child Contact

Contact Centres are spaces designed to help children and young people feel welcome and safe. They are used by children and young people who are to spend time with adults (and sometimes other children) that they cannot see anywhere else.


Author: Catherine Marchant

  2022 to 2023


victims of domestic abuse; using practical and emotional methods of support


child contact sessions, working with 26 families and 35 children


individuals to address their behaviour through the facilitation of SPIP programme.


abusive men and their partners supported and successfully completed our perpetrator programme

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