Are you Parents and Carers of young or vulnerable people?

Please be aware of the following....

A new feature within the popular App ‘Snapchat’ now allows the exact location of a Snapchat user to be seen and opened via a virtual map on Snapchat.  If location services on the device being used are turned on, users can view each other’s  precise location a map that provides a precise location, including road names and house numbers in some instances.  

While this can be used to allow friends and family to know where a person is we are aware many users, in particular young or vulnerable people may have ‘friends’ on Snapchat that they have never met before so are in fact only acquaintances or strangers.   

 If the App is to be used we advise that location and privacy settings are double checked and to disable location settings when required. The attached link contains further info to assist parents, carers and guardians.