"I can only thank both all and hope you continue to provide support and assistance to both children and resident/non resident parents. You went above and beyond for me and my son and daughter. Thank you for your perseverance and working through the tough times. My children and I are now back where we belong- in each others lives."

"The staff and facilities are brilliant. Staff are open, honest and supportive."

"I am extremely happy with the way everything is going.
A massive thank you to all the staff at Impact for the help"

"Felt comfortable and empowered enough to bring my child to visit non resident parent."

"I could not fault support worker, very informative in identifying
other support. Supported contact, felt reassured throughout that
my child's wellbeing is priority."

"I want to thank you for all you have done for my child,
if only the court had asked you to be involved earlier, and then
we wouldn't have got to the place we were at. My child talks about the
services and the fact we could go out in the 
community to normalise
things was ideal."

"Throughout this process, we, as a family could not have managed without
the staff. The always had the resident and non resident parents best
interest at heart and also ensured the best interest of the child was met.
They helped us through every difficult time."