Callum is four years old and lives at home with his mother Jennifer and his nine year old brother Freddie. 

Jennifer is in a relationship with Carl. Carl is not the biological father of Callum or Freddie. Jennifer is the victim of domestic abuse, perpetrated by her partner. He regularly shouts at Jennifer and the boys. He has been physically abusive towards Jennifer, which is often witnessed by Freddie. Freddie now thinks this is the way to get his frustrations out and the way to behave when he is annoyed. He has started hitting Callum, mimicking Carl's actions. 

Carl makes threats and won't let Jennifer leave, so she feels she has no choice but to stay in a relationship with him. 

Jennifer's friend realised what was going on when she discovered bruises on Callum and Jennifer's body. She told Jennifer to get in contact with us. We provided crucial support to Jennifer, Callum and Freddie. Jennifer left Carl and went into refuge whilst she waited for a new house, away from Carl.

Freddie attended our Safe Hands program and also got some help from a counsellor. He is now learning how to deal with his frustrations in a much healthier way. Callum is no longer terrified of his brother and is feeling a lot happier and safer in the refuge, away from the domestic abuse.