"You can spend a lifetime trying to forget a few minutes of your childhood".

"Children and young people are affected deeply living in a household where violence and abuse is happening".

We offer a range of support for children experiencing the effects of domestic abuse in South Tyneside.

Children and young people living in families where violence and abuse is happening often need support to understand what has been happening and how to deal with it.

They may, experience, the abuse themselves or are used as tools by the perpetrator. They may also, witness, the abuse of a family member (even if they are in a different room or not at home at the time of the abuse). Each incident can leave severe psychological scars.

The visible effects on children, can range from being withdrawn or acting out, they may involve nightmares and bed wetting, skipping school or trying to avoid coming home.

Of course there may be plenty of other reasons for children to exhibit troubling behaviour, but when coupled with the knowledge that they are witnessing or have witnessed, violence or, abuse, in their family, we, are able to address those issues.

Impact Family Services offer the, support service, Safe Hands, which is delivered by, specialist children and young peoples workers who can help children who are struggling to cope due to experiencing or witnessing domestic violence.

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You can read our Children and Young People Safeguarding document here