We surveyed 73 women accessing our domestic abuse service in 2022

Our support helps victims in crisis rebuild and move forward with life positively:

‘I feel safer after receiving the support’

‘I…have hope for the future.’

‘I have choices now’

‘The support has helped me move on and I feel my children will have a better chance in life’

‘I can start living’

‘I was able to leave my partner and I have got an order in place to keep him away’

‘I have got a safe place to live and my children moved schools’

Our support transforms survivors’ feelings about themselves:

‘I have realised the abuse wasn’t my fault’

Beneficiaries commented support made them feel:

  • Confident and strong with greater self-esteem
  • Happier and more positive
  • Less worried, stressed and anxious
  • Healthier (having reduced alcohol intake as a coping mechanism)


‘I’m much more confident and realise I’m fine just the way I am. I certainly don’t need a man’

Our service also improves survivors’ mental health and coping ability:

‘I now feel free and my children are happier as I feel in a better place to cope with what has happened’

‘I have started my journey to find me again’

Our work helps survivors improve support networks and build relationships:

‘My worker referred me onto different courses so I could meet other people who are going through similar issues’

‘It’s great listening to others who know what I’m talking about’

‘I feel much more able to cope thanks to the people I have met to support me’

Our support empowers individuals with the skills, understanding and emotional capacity to maintain and manage positive relationships (increasing ability to identify abusive behaviours and reducing risk of re-victimisation):

‘I have more knowledge and understanding of domestic violence’

‘I can now see how abusive my ex partner was.’

‘I don’t bother with people who have a negative impact on my life’

‘I won’t be abused again’

‘My perpetrator is in jail. I have set boundaries and put mine and the children’s safety first’